Monday, January 2, 2012

The Eagles are Back

The live feed of the Decorah eagles is back up and the mommy eagle is fixing up the nest. Here is a link to that site. Decorah Eagles . That ought to work. Just click on the blue words. It's fun. Don't be surprised that the eagle isn't there a lot of the time. She's out scavenging for materials for the nest. You can see the new stuff on the nest now. She also may be having troubles with the high winds, today.
I haven't posted any pictures lately. I think I'll post a picture of the outside of Java John's. It's my favorite coffee shop and I scoop snow there for a little extra income. This is the side of the building that I spend the most time scooping. You might notice that it's rather steep. The sidewalk is wide and slippery on this side of the building. Thus far, this year I haven't made much money at shoveling snow since the weather has been unseasonably warm. But the money that I have made is much appreciated.
It's the day after New Years and not much is happening here. I spent a lot of time at Java John's this morning. I was hoping that the snow flurries would amount to something, but they didn't.
My car is giving me more trouble. Now it's the radiator. I sent off to E-bay for a new one. It should be here tomorrow. I think I'll have Dan at Dan's Standard install it. I might get my tenant, Nick, to help me with it. He is mechanically inclined. It'll have to wait until I actually get the radiator.
I haven't invested in anything lately, since I'm broke. I'll have $100 from Nick any day now. That will probably go towards installing the radiator. I'm hoping to go to church in LaCrosse on Wednesday. I'm a Christian Scientist and that is where the closest church is. They have testimonial meetings on the first Wednesday of the month. I'm trying to get Alice to go with me since her car gets better mileage and is more reliable than mine. If she can't go, I'll just go myself. Maybe I could take Jim with me.
I haven't made any progress on buying things at auctions since all of the auctions took time off for the holidays.
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