Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snow day at Decorah

A lot has been happening lately. I signed up for an app named Mint. It's a budgeting thing. While I signed up for it, it offered to check my credit for free. It turns out that I have good credit. So I applied for a credit card at my credit union. If I get one, I'll interpret that as meaning God wants me to trade stock options. As soon as I can move some money, I think I'll invest in Boeing options.

Today I also made a lot of money, for me, shoveling snow. I got up at 5:30, made breakfast and started shoveling at Java John's. Mary pays me by running a tab for my coffee and food, there. Here are a couple of picture of the snow.
I don't know how the second picture got so large. I must have pressed a wrong button. Now I have to wonder how I can make them all larger. Anyway that is Java John's.
I just finished a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer, named "Inspiration Your Ultimate Calling". I recommend it. It discussed living more in tune with the purpose that God and you were intended for. I feel that it has inspired me.
My car still has a problem with the radiator. I put in some leak sealant and I've been trying to get a radiator from Ebay. The first one they sent me wouldn't fit. The bottom hose connected on the wrong side. I contacted the seller and he'll be sending me another that will work. I had to send back the other one and it'll cost me another $25. I'll still be ahead for the cost since a new radiator from the parts place would have cost $50 more than I'm paying. The only thing I'm out is the time that I could have been driving it.

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