Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday night at the Co-op

I'm spending this Saturday night at the co-op. Yesterday, even Jim Cramer was a bear when it came to the stock market. He said that something has to happen in a big way to save us from falling off the edge of a stock market crash, Monday morning. It depends on President Obama getting the world's leaders to do something to keep the European Union together and solvent. I doubt that anything positive can happen. The world's leaders are too divided and incompetent to do anything constructive.
I've only got 1 option on Whole Foods. I lost $95 yesterday and I'll probably loose another $200 before I can get it sold, Monday. I'll sell it as soon as I can Monday. I was hoping for some good news yesterday. That didn't happen. Monday I'll be watching Bloomberg and probably the end of the world as we know it.
I'm expecting a massive depression. A lot of people are worried about inflation, but I think we'll go into a major depression before that can happen.
 Monday morning, the informed people will be watching for the end of Western Civilization on CNBC and Bloomberg. Maybe they'll cover it on the regular channels as well.
I might be getting a job as a volunteer driver for the van going to the Iowa City VA hospital. It pays $60 a trip. It comes to about $4.00/hr. when you figure out how much time you have to spend to do it. I hope that it is tax-free. I'll have to look into that.
I'm still trying to get signed up for the clinic in Ohio for gamblers. I have the feeling that I'm not much worse than many people. I'm just getting caught up in a wicked market. I think I'll go anyway. I need to stop trying to make money with the little that I have to invest. And that little tends to be borrowed anyway.
I took a picture of Barrett at the Co-op. I caught him with his glasses off and eyes closed. I'll post it anyway. My camera was broken but I got the shutter to work by jiggling it. It's a cheap camera but I would hate to have to replace it. It works good and takes good pictures. I do need to get used to it better and maybe quit carrying it in my backpack. It gets banged up too much. Anyway here's Barrett.
That's all that I have for today. I'll post something Monday if the market crashes. I should have left my money in HDGE but good things can happen and I could be crushed in that as well.
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