Friday, June 15, 2012


I'm still messing up my trading. I'm now out of everything because I don't want to be in while the vote goes on in Greece.
If I had left well enough alone I would have been up for the last two weeks. I had a call option on Whole Foods that would have tripled had I left it alone. I also would have been up on American Tower, Boeing, and Red Hat Software. Watching Bloomberg and CNBC has been very costly to me. Even Cramer has been giving fearful signals, lately. I get scared of the macro picture and I bail out of good positions.
I'm thinking of buying a put option on crude oil, next Monday. Someone on Bloomberg was making a very good bear case for oil. He said that the Saudis want it to go down to attack the Iranians and Russians. He also thinks they want to slow the production of American oil from fracking. It made sense to me so if oil goes up I'll buy a put or two.
I'm also looking to go back to AMT, BA, RHT, and WFM.  AMT is American Tower, a cell phone tower company. BA is Boeing aircraft. RHT is Red Hat a Linux software company. And WFM is Whole Foods Marketing, an organic grocery chain. Maybe I'll take a risk and buy options.Cramer made a good case for the market to go up whichever way the vote goes, and I'm a gambler. I would like to make back everything I lost in a week or two.
Getting away from stocks, I passed the physical for the driving job. It's for the van driving from Waukon to Iowa City. I'll have to get up terribly early and I'll only be making $60/ trip for a 12 hr. day. I think it will be tax free since it is for a volunteer job. The bad news is that I'm on a backup position. I'll only be called when no one else can make it. It' better than nothing. That reminds me, I'm also thinking about going back to collecting beer cans. I can get $.05 each for them. It also tends to come to about $5/hr. I like the idea of being my own boss and it's tax free. I think I'll start tomorrow.
I had some good news about the etchings. I came up with the idea of contacting the artist and see if he could help me to sell them. The bad news is that he is too busy to help me sell them. The good news is that he is busy with something with PBS. Maybe he'll be in a PBS show and his art will appreciate. I can hope. I have to keep looking for a way to sell them. Maybe I'll get Gary to buy some on E-bay. If he makes a bunch of money on them, he might give me some. I'll see him Sunday.
That's all for now.

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