Sunday, July 1, 2012

Delusions and Trading

It's a hot Sunday at the Co-op and I'm just thinking about whether or not I can justify my trading. I'm afraid that I might be trading based on delusion rather than sense. My only good time for trading, late 2010, was during a time that the market moved up and I would have made as much as I did by simply having it in an index fund.I do myself the most harm by bouncing in and out of the market. Macro events move me around and I get greedy, trying to take advantage of the latest fad like Facebook.
I'm now hoping that oil goes down and corn goes up.Until last Friday, oil was in a down trend and corn may be facing a drought.If I'm wrong I could lose another $500 tomorrow. I can't afford this crap any more. Maybe I should just get out and forget about it.
One of the problems is that I have poor sources of information. Most of the time, the market makes a big move and I find out why fifteen minutes to half an hour later. I just don't have a good track for inside information that others have. I also use tainted info. The media sensationalizes everything so I may have a tendency to jump into things that I should stay out of, like corn and Facebook. I also don't have to resources to diversify my portfolio enough to be relatively safe. I don't know if there is a way to diversify enough to be safe from a European- based down turn. Everything seems to move in lockstep, anyway. Maybe I should just find a woman who can support me in the manner in which I've become accustomed. Since I'm used to poverty, that shouldn't be that difficult.
Ingrid just left. Boy has she blossomed. I remember when she was a skinny little girl. Now she has filled out and turned into a Nordic goddess. I look forward to seeing her every time I'm at the Co-op. There is something about the girls at the Co-op which is just better than elsewhere. They seem a little healthier.Maybe it's the organic food.
I read something on the Internet, today, that said that 20 minutes of wind sprints,twice a week were better for weight loss than hours of walking. I might try it. It doesn't involve to much time and it seems like I could get a lot out of it. I just have to find a place for it. I think I'll go to the bike path by the fish hatchery. It's a bit hot today so I might not do it now.
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