Friday, October 12, 2012

Moving and Shingles

I haven't posted anything here for over a month. A lot has happened in that month.
First, I came down with the shingles. For people who haven't heard of it, it is a skin and nerve condition caused by the Chicken Pox virus. It's very painful and it lasts a long time. In fact I still have it lingering on my chest.
The same day that I came down with the Shingles, I was notified that I had moved up the list to get into a subsidized apartment complex called the Woolen Mill. It's named that because the old building that houses the apartments was built to house a woolen mill in the 1800's. I'm saving a lot on my rent and since I now live downtown I'm not spending as much on gasoline.
I'm totally disillusioned with investing. I still watch Jim Cramer but I don't turn up the sound when I can't really hear what he is saying. I just realize that I can't hope to make money investing. Of course I did everything wrong. I used margin whenever I could. I bought options. I wasn't diversified. I used borrowed money to invest with. I guess I deserved to fail. It will be years before I'll be able to invest in anything and then I think I'll just buy gold coins.
Winter is coming up and I might be able to make some money by shoveling snow. I've lined up to places to shovel for: Java John's and Plan One Financial. I might be able to line up the Co-op as well. That should keep me busy on snowy days. I also may be doing some driving for the VA van. They haven't called me yet but I'm on their list.
I probably should get a job at Wal-Mart or MacDonalds but since I'll be shoveling snow I think I'll wait until Spring to apply for those jobs.
That's all for now, I'm sorry that I'm not more talkative.

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