Friday, November 16, 2012

Password Hell

I've just been in password hell. I forgot my password because I so rarely use it. Normally my computer remembers it. I usually  use a laptop when I'm posting a blog.
I gave away my old laptop so the new one didn't have the password. After about 10 or 15 attempts at passwords I admitted that I didn't remember it. It took a day to get back on. I'm a bit concerned because they asked for credit card info. I gave it to them but maybe it was a scam. I only have $20 in that account so if it is a scam I won't be out much.
Not much is happening here. I'm spending too much on old laptops. I got started with Mac laptops. I've got a Macbook Pro and a couple of old Ibooks. I'm happy with the Macbook, but I can't get the Ibooks to stream video. Nobody supports the old PPC standard anymore. That refers to the Motorola CPUs that Mac used to use. The Macbook uses an Intel CPU so it's no problem.
I've been overbidding on Ebay for parts for these old laptops. With my income, bidding at all is probably a mistake. I find myself using credit to buy a parts machine. Sometimes, I've been lucky and was able to get a good machine out of a bunch of parts but mostly I've ended up with a bunch of bad parts.
I should go back to begging for old laptops to give away after fixing them. That worked out pretty well the last time I did it.
I worked at the polls, last week. It was hard. My shingles came back and I had a head ache, and pains in my chest. I think the head ache might have been due to coffee withdrawals. It was a long day, 15 1/2 hours. I hope to get over $100 for the work. I'll use it towards parts for a 17 inch Macbook. I have everything but a battery and display for another one. They're too good to give away so I'll sell them on Ebay.
I'm still waiting to hear from the VA about driving the van. They asked me for copies of my driver's license and proof of insurance a couple of weeks ago, so they must know that I still exist. Driving once a week would be enough to get me through this period of poverty.
Pretty soon, it will be snowing and I hope to make a lot of money, shoveling snow. That'll get me through until Spring. Then I might have to see about working a Wal-Mart or Subway Sandwiches.
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