Thursday, January 24, 2013

Job possibility

I've been applying for a job thru something called "Experience Works". It's not really a job since I would be a "participant" in the program. Apparently they have a government grant that allows them to pay people to be prepared for employment. It would be 20 hrs. a week and I would get minimum wage.
It sounds great to me. I'll hear back from them by next week. It might last up to 4 years.
I've been selling more of my etchings on Ebay. I'm not getting as much as I would like because only one buyer actually bids on each of my etchings at a time. At least they are moving.
I find myself buying too many old laptops on Ebay. I need to stop bidding on the Ibooks. They are simply to old and slow. I need to use my limited resources to get the Macbook Pros working. I could sell them at a profit on Ebay.
The van still has a problem with the heater. I think its a stuck door inside the heater itself. I felt the hoses on the control unit under the hood. They were both warm so that is apparently working. I'm thinking about getting an electric heater that I could plug into the cigarette lighter. That would keep the window from fogging over, at least. I think I'll go to Wal-Mart and pick one up today. If I get a good price for my last etching I might be able to afford to have it repaired.
I was turned down for a loan that I would have used to pay off OneMain Financial. If I get the job, I'll apply again in a couple of months. It would reduce the interest that I'm paying from 23% to 13%. I would have to pay it quicker but it's worth it.
Not much is happening here.
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