Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hard Drive Doesn't work

The hard drive that I was trying on the Macintosh at work didn't work. It was just too new of an operating system for that old computer. I took it home and I may install it on my Dell. I put the old hard drive back in and it works on the Mac. It's just too old and slow of an operating system to really be useful. I asked Julie about putting Linux on it but we'll have to wait until Ruth lets us.
We had a misplaced flash drive this morning. Apparently I misfiled it. We were looking for it for at least half an hour and it finally turned up in a file cabinet.
We've been experimenting with Google Drive and other Google applications. I think we could go with that and replace our Libre office stuff. I am afraid that it might not be complex enough for our uses though. We were able to transfer files and print easily with it today. It's a cloud-based system and everything seems to be going that way. Cloud-based means that instead of having applications here they are on a server somewhere.
I got another old Ibook G4 today. It's a 14 inch screen. That's rather large for me. It seems to be working. It had a problem that was similar to another 14 inch Ibook that I have. When you turn it on it beeps 3 times and the hibernate light comes on and flashes but the screen stays black. The other one got progressively bad. It got to the point that I gave up on it. Now I have to wonder if there was something wrong with it's hard drive. I ran fsck on this one and it seems to be working fine. Of course, intermittent
problems can be that way. I'll play with it for a while.
The old printer broke. I think it happened when I had the ink cartridge out and turn off the computer. The printer went into a shut down mode with the cartridge opened. It broke some plastic and I threw it out.
The new printer only cost me $43. It's a Canon scanner, copier and printer combined. I got it working by loading a new form of Linux on the desktop. It was time to do that anyway. I don't think I've had an operating system on any of my machines for more than 6 months, anyway.
My running has been taking a back seat to the cold weather that we've been having. I don't have very warm running clothes. It's been bitterly cold so I've said to heck with it. I'll start in a few days.
Not much else is happening. I guess I'll go to Ebay and write some feedback for things that have gotten here lately.
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