Sunday, March 17, 2013

Overeating at Culvers

I am such a sucker for free ice cream. I just finished a hamburger and a dish of ice cream even though I wasn't really hungary. Those coupons are getting to me. I now have two more to use. Every time I come in I get one or two coupons. I'm going to be adding weight.
At least I started running. I'm trying to get into shape by jogging. I run from my home to the bank which is on top of the hill from where I live. Maybe it is 300 yards away. It's not far but it's a start. I'm only running every other day to give myself a little time to recover.
The black Dell desktop at work is giving me troubles. I replaced the CMOS battery last week and it seems to be better. I also replaced the CD player. The old one wouldn't even eject at all. At least the new one ejects but I've only been able to read a disk once or twice. I'm going to try loading a live form of Linux Mint on it and see if everything will work. A live version means that it runs from the flash drive or the CD and doesn't touch the hard drive. If it works, I'll load the whole program. I think it will work. It's possible that the hard drive is damaged as well. Only time will tell.
I hope to get the new hard drive into the Mac at work as well. I was hoping to get it in the mail, yesterday. But it didn't arrive. Maybe it will be here tomorrow. If that works I'll be able to take the Mac's hard drive out and use it in the Dell. I'll find out if I can do that when I remove it. I hope that it used an IDE hard drive. Those are pretty common now. I might be a scuzzy drive. That is the type that Mac used a long time ago. The cables will be different if they are incompatible.
I also hope to get the ink cartridge for my printer, tomorrow. If it comes from China, I won't be seeing that for another week. I got my printer to work with Linux as far as the utilities are concerned. I had a problem removing the ink cartridge. I played around with it and it works now. I need to print 22 pages of tax information from Etrade before I can do my taxes. it would cost $.25/pg to print it at the library. That's over $5.00.
Well, tomorrow its supposed to snow again. I'm tired of it. It probably won't amount to much but I'm just burned out on snow. That is especially true now that I have another job. I'll be making enough money at the Peace and Justice Center. I don't really need the snow money.
I don't really have anything to add. Not much is happening today.
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