Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Nook

Last week I went to Barnes & Noble, in LaCrosse, and bought a Nook. It's a  tablet computer sold by B&N. I'm having a hard time typing with it. I'm reduced to hunting and pecking typing. I can see that I'll have to buy a keyboard for it. It took me a while to get used  to navigating on it. Overall I don't see any great advantage to this over my old Mac Ibook laptops. I think they are a waste of money.
It was a two for the price of one deal. I got an ereader as well. I like the ereader. It's really handy, but I'm not sold on the Nook. Maybe I'll like it when I get a keyboard. I already sent off for a memory card with a different operating system on it. I couldn't get enough apps with this operating system.
That's all for now. I might get back on the desktop.
I'm back and the desktop works, which is more than I can say for the Nook. It's great to have a real keyboard. I was sucked into buying a tablet computer by all the hype. I think they are a waste. I can't type with it and I keep bumping things and ending up doing something that I don't want to. They are just too hard to use. Maybe the Ipad is better but I doubt it. The new operating system might help. I couldn't get Google Drive on the nook. We'll see.
From what I can see the tablets are just an attempt to get you to spend more money. And I don't have any to waste.
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