Friday, May 24, 2013

See-saw day

I've been going through emotional ups and downs all day. I woke up at 3:30 or 4:00 and couldn't get back to sleep. I was excited because I found a phone number of somebody to call who might know what is happening to my Delphi bonds. Delphi is an auto parts company which was spun off of GM in the 1990's. They went into bankruptcy and I bought a bunch of their bonds when they were really cheap.
Now I'm hoping that I'll get something for them.
I sent off an e-mail to a company named Wilmington Trust. They are something called an Indentured Trustee for Delphi. Someone there seemed to know something about the bonds is question. At least I got through to them but it seemed that the news was that the bonds are worthless.
Later in the day I was reading some legalistic gobbledygook that makes me think that my bonds should have been traded for some, more recent, good bonds. I'll have to call again, next week, and see if I can make some sense out of all this.
I'm going to call my Christian Science practitioner and have her pray about this. I've been doing a lot of studying and praying and reading about the "Law of Attraction", lately. I feel that I'm due for a breakthrough. I have to let something good happen.
I spent most of the week at classes with the workforce people. It was good to get away for a while. I've had similar classes in California, years ago. At least I got paid for it this time. I replace the negative battery cable on my van, today. Something was wrong with it and I now feel more certain about my van's reliability. Dan of Dan's Standard did the actual work. I now have no reason to not go prospecting for gold in Eldorado, Iowa. Tomorrow I'm meeting Jim at Java John's. Sunday, Jim and I are going to church in Onalaska, WI. That leaves Monday, which is a holiday (Memorial Day). I'll go then. Maybe I can take Jim with me.
Not much is happening tonight. I'm just hanging out at Culver's and drinking coffee. I'm tired from lack of sleep so I think I'll go home and go to bed early.
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