Friday, June 21, 2013

Two Topics Today

I've got two topics I want to talk about today. The first is the stock market. And the second is goal setting.
The market seemed to be coming back after two terrible days in a row. It looks to me like the book "Aftershock" is accurate. The authors were predicting a stock market crash after interest rates go up. Well, the interest rates are going up, no matter what the Fed does. That seems to be crashing the stock market.
After a 350 point or so move down, yesterday, the market is up about 60 points. To me, it looks like a dead horse bounce. I expect the market to go down again, later today, but certainly on Monday. If I had any stock I would be selling it now. If "Aftershock" is accurate, the housing market will go down to 30% of its present value. Gold is the only thing that might keep it's value. Platinum might be a better buy since it's used in cars.
I haven't been able to move any money into my E-trade account. I think the VA might have sabotaged my moving money from my credit union to E-trade. They seem quite determined to prevent me from trading. They had me put my money into a Payee account and give me an allowance. I really chafe at this treatment, especially when I think I know where the market is moving. Oh well, I guess I'll just buy gold or platinum from a coin shop.
My other topic for today is goal setting.
Robert Collier in his book "Riches Within Your Reach" tells the story of a Buddhist master who takes his student out on a lake in a boat. He throws the student overboard and holds his head beneath the water. Eventually the student is brought back to the boat and revived. The master then asked to student what he thought about while underwater. The student said that he could only think about getting a breath of air. The master said that he should use that kind of focus to achieve his goals.
The book "Antidote" is the opposite of this kind of attitude. The author of that book disdains the idea of an overwhelming focus on a goal. In fact he feels that a too great of a focus is harmful. So now I have two opposing views.
I'm leaning towards Collier's viewpoint. I just have to find something that will be worth that kind of focus.
I'm torn between 3 different goals:
  1. Becoming an IT tech with Experience Works
  2. Getting my Social Worker degree or working in that field.
  3. Metal detecting for rings at the Pacific Ocean. 
I probably will go for the IT tech job since it pays and I'm doing it now. I do intend to take some Spanish classes at a junior college, not far from here. I would need them for a Social Work degree. Of course, Spanish would be good to know whatever I do.
Well the market is heading down and I think I'll sign off for now.
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