Saturday, July 13, 2013

Collier and Focus

I've been reading "The Life Magnet" by Robert Collier. In a few of the later chapters, he discusses the importance of having focus in one's life. He seemed to feel that it's important to keep a goal in life to maintain your health and youth. In fact, he believed that the key to longevity was to be future-oriented.
His position was that as long as you kept working for something in the future your body would regenerate and you would stay young. He maintained that since every cell in your body would be replaced in 11 months, that you are constantly renewing anyway. He felt that the reason we got old and sick was that we lost our focus on the future. When we lose our hope and focus our bodies start to betray us. It might be small at first but it accumulates and eventually we get old and die.
I feel that I've been going through that process, lately.
It started when I lost $7500 on the stock market. Of course, I've been losing large sums of money on the market for some time, but things really deteriorated when I borrowed money to trade the market, last year. After losing that money I came down with shingles. Then I had to move while I had shingles.
Life has been pretty adverse since then.
It has forced me to go back to studying Christian Science and to read a lot of metaphysical books, like the ones by Collier. The process of becoming more spiritual has been similar to steering an oil tanker. It takes a while for the changes to become apparent. I do think I'm making progress.
I have a new job and I'm making headway on paying down my loans. I have more silver and gold for the pending economic collapse. I now have 2 guns, again for the economic collapse. I'm seeing 2 counselors. One is a wellness coach and the other a counselor at the VA. The VA counselor had me start an account at a website called OKCupid. That is a dating website. All sorts of good things are happening and I'm very grateful.
I have to make a little more money by selling my etchings and also the Nook. I've decided that I've had it with the Nook. I can't seem to do any blogging with it and it's really no better than my old Macintoshes. I'm going to see if I can barter it for something more useful.
I tried to post one of my newer etchings but it didn't take. I'll just post a picture of Java Johns instead. That's where I've been blogging and spending this afternoon. And now that I think about I spent most of the morning here as well.
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