Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I Won!!

I found out yesterday that I won a pennyweight of gold in a raffle that was held in California. I contributed to the legal fund of a club named "The New 49'ers". I won one of the consolation prizes of 1 pennyweight of gold. I called them and they said that they would be sending it out next week. That is the first time that I've won anything for the last 30 or 40 years. A pennyweight is 1/20 of an ounce of gold and worth about $64.
I'm hoping that this shows a turnaround in my life. I've been doing a lot of spiritual studying lately and maybe it is starting to show.
I was also told that my school will be paid for by Experience Works; and I'll be getting paid to learn Spanish. I figure that Spanish will help me wherever I end up.
The other night I went to Wal-Mart and bought a .22 rifle. I now have a complete arsenal. I can use the .22 to hunt for rabbits and squirrels if it comes to that. The Mosin is too large for squirrels and is most useful if there is a war. I might need it for bears that I might encounter panning for gold. The 12 gauge shotgun can be used for pheasants and rabbits, as well as geese and ducks. I need to get some ammunition but that is relatively inexpensive.
I'm taking a lot of test for Experience Works. So far, I've passed them all except for the English test (which I retook and passed the second time).
I'm going to mark down the etchings that I'm showing at Java Johns for "Ridiculous Days". That's an annual celebration we have here where the merchants take their goods out to the streets. I'm marking them down by about thirty percent to move them.

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