Friday, July 5, 2013


Yesterday, I bought a Mosin-Nagant, that's a Russian, military rifle, from Cabela's in Prairie Du Chien, WI. I needed something that would work on bears in case I go West to pan for gold in the mountains. The only thing I still need for my arsenal is a .22 rifle for snakes, and maybe rabbits for food. I do think that people should be prepared for the financial collapse.
When I got home I went to Culvers for a burger and ice cream. While I was there I checked the Malcolm Childer's etchings on E-bay. I was surprised to find some that etchings that normally go for between $2300 and $4400 were going for $150. At least that was what the seller was asking for.
 I saw one that I really liked and offered $75. He came back with an offer of $100 and I took it. There are still some that he is asking $150 for on the market. I made a bid of $75 for another one. I haven't heard back from him, yet.
I'm wondering if it would make sense to go even more into debt and buy the rest of those etchings. I don't think they will be there for long, and I could hold onto them until the depression is over and have something that will appreciate in value. I still need to find a way to sell some of these etchings at a good price.
I'm sorry that I haven't been talking much about metaphysical things. I feel that part of the "Law of Attraction" is the opportunities that you are able to perceive. When we are attracting things into our lives it is often in the form of opportunities that we don't get, normally. Of course, I may be fooling myself and am just getting into debt over something that will not pay off. Only time will tell.
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