Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too far with the Prepper B. S.

Maybe I've been going too far with the Prepper thinking. For those who never heard of it (Prepper) refers to being prepared; as in survivalist.
I've been buying guns and ammunition, lately. It started with reading the book "Aftershock". I just bought a couple of books on survival at Barnes and Noble.
I don't know what I'm trying to be prepared for. If the economy collapses, I'll still be living in a rual community ; where I'll be as safe or safer than anywhere else in the country. I live in a cheap apartment and I have a steady income from Social Security. I only have to provide for myself; I have no dependants. So why do I find myself buying guns and books on surviving in the desert?
I think I'm just being foolish.
I was discussing this train of thought with Sonja and she asked my if I wanted something bad to happen. We discussed the "Law of Attraction" and how I might be bringing negative things into my life by my thought. I think there is a tendency for people to think that they are more intelligent than others, just because they are more negative thinking. Maybe that is what I'm doing; but I think I'll continue buying ammo and camping supplies. There is an auction, this Sunday, where those are some of the things being sold. I'll be there.
Next year I'll run off to California to pan for gold.

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