Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chatfield Bust

I went treasure hunting in Chatfield, MN last Sunday. It was a bust. The road that the treasure was buried at had been widened in the 40s or 50s and it was obvious that it had been found by a construction worker if it was there.
That brings me up to another reason that I don't think it was there. I looked up the FBI reports on the Karpis-Barker gang in the thirties. It appeared to me that they had time to get their ill-gotten gains to Cuba where they invested it in casinos and other gangster things. So I doubt that it was buried for more than a few months anyway.
There was only a mile or two of road that hadn't been widened so maybe I'll dowse there if I have the money for the gas. I'm not at all hopeful. Oh Well.
I'm still buying gold and silver. I bought a couple of ounces of silver, yesterday. I'm bidding on some gold today and tomorrow. One of the things I'm bidding on is a combination of 1/10 and 1/4 ounces of gold. For some reason it's not getting much bidding. It's worth over $500 but the bidding is only a little over $200. There is a reserve price that it has to go over for the seller to actually have to sell it. I don't know what that price is. I can only go to $360. Another auction is for a ring with a 1/10 ounce gold coin. It's worth, maybe, $170. I do want some form of gold to wear to bring more my way by way of the "Law of Attraction"

I just thought I would add one of Malcolm Childer's etchings. This one is named "Some with Strong Backs Waning". I'm showing a numbered copy of this at Java John's.

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