Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finally some good news on the financial collapse

I'm not saying that the financial collapse won't come, but it might not be as bad as expected.
I found a good You Tube video about the financial collapse of Cuba after the Soviet Union collapsed. It was very similar to what I expect the U.S. and the world to go through when we either run out of oil, or the economy collapses due to printing too much money.
I was surprised that they didn't break out in riots and bloodshed. Maybe I don't need so much ammunition, after all.
People had to ride bicycles and walk. There was no gasoline.
They started growing their own food. The big farmers couldn't operate since they couldn't keep their tractors running. That meant that they broke up the farms and started small farms using oxen. Many had to move out to the country and till the soil.
Urban farming took off. People grew their food in apartments or back yards. Over half of their food was raised this way.
I shared this video on Google+ and Face book. I don't know if it took; I'll go to Facebook, later.
My old desktop died. I replaced it with one from Luther. I had to pay $52, so I'm not out much. I salvaged a hard drive, a DVD player, and some memory modules to use at work. I'll have to pay $20 to recycle the case and such.
I got the fundraising software working at work. I'm having troubles with loading a contact list. We have 454 contacts but so far I've only gotten 176 to load. I'll called the tech support and get it going Monday.
I'm going to show an etching by Malcolm Childers. I haven't decided which one yet. I'll have to see what I can get off of Google.

The name of this is "Lockheed Loadstar". I have it framed and I'm trying to sell it at Java John's.
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