Saturday, September 21, 2013

George4ttitle was removed from YouTube

One of my favorite sites on YouTube was taken down, today. It was the George4title. He had a stream-of-consciousness blog on the decline of Southern California. I don't know why YouTube removed him as I don't remember any nudity or profanity in his post. Maybe he was telling the truth and the controlled media couldn't handle it. Anyway, I'll miss him.
I've been watching a lot of YouTube, lately. One of my favorites is Peter Schiff. He talks about the end of the dollar and buying gold and silver. I watch Iraqveteran8888 for information on the Mosin-Nagant rifle. He is an expert on modifying those.
The Maineprepper is also interesting. He and the Patriotnurse give advice on getting ready for the coming collapse.
I also like Max Keiser on RT television. That's a Russian station. It's getting to be very popular because people are tiring of the controlled press in the U.S.
Today, Max talked in length about the way the Fed is destroying our currency. I was beginning to think that he just made disparaging remarks about bankers; but he really understands what is going on.
On a slightly different topic, I think I'll talk about how my preparations for the collapse are going.  My big problem is the lack of money. I keep spending what money I have on gold and silver so I don't have much to work with.
My plans involve getting a trailer and prospecting for gold in the West of the U.S.
Getting the trailer is coming along. I'm talking to Nick about installing one of his hitches on my van. I'm concerned about how much weight it can handle. The largest trailer that my van is rated for is about 16 ft. It has to have a tongue weight of less than 350 lb. and a hauling weight of under 3500 lbs. That leaves me with a small trailer. That would work for me. I've lived in a 26 ft. trailer, before. All I need is a place to cook, shower and go to the bathroom. I'll also need a place to sleep.
Being male, I've spent too much on guns and ammo. I do need a rifle for bears if I go prospecting but maybe I don't need that much ammo. After all one of the main advantages of going west is to avoid crowds. I should be able to stay away from large  cities, where society is breaking down.
That reminds me, I was going to speculate on why there have been so many shootings lately. Maybe society is already breaking down and this is just a symptom of that. Maybe poverty is triggering psychosis. That, combined with violent video games might be the underlying cause of the increase in mass shooting. Of course, Chicago has always been violent so that shooting is simply accepted as the norm.
I think I'll sign off for now.
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