Sunday, October 13, 2013

More Preparing for the Financial Collapse

I'm still getting ready for the financial collapse. I had a letter telling me that I'm pre-approved for a loan of $6000. I knew that the interest rate for that loan is 23% so I didn't call them. I did ask for an increase in credit limit from my two credit cards. So far I've gotten an increase of $3500. The other card is making me wait.
 I've been spending that money to buy more silver and camping equipment for the financial collapse. I also priced a trailer. It was only a year old and it's small enough that I could pull it with my van. They are asking $13000. I might offer them $8000 and see if they will take it.
 I'm also looking for another job. The Peace and Justice Center is getting on my nerves. I got into a phone conversation with somebody who, apparently, makes up his own facts about fracking for oil. I don't want to work at a place that is so political.
 Tomorrow I'm applying for a job at the community college that I attend. It's a janitor position but it pays better than what I'm getting now. If it works out I should be able to get my trailer by next year.
Some of the reasons I want a trailer is that I'll be able to live "off the grid" a lot easier. These are self-contained. They have water tanks for water. They can run off of a battery (which could be charged by a solar panel). They use propane to heat with. And they have their own shower and toilet. If I had to, I could just go anywhere and have a place to live.
 Having a trailer would work well with my idea of panning for gold. I could just live on the claims where I'm searching for gold. I don't think I'll make much money doing that but I should be able to live cheaply.
 I'm also thinking about getting my own land. Jim's place comes to mind. It's close to the river so I should be able to catch fish, no matter what the economy is like. I could also use the trees to build a house and garage. I'm afraid that I'm too lazy for that. I could also raise chickens and pigs and rabbits for food. It would also have enough room to grow a garden.
 I bought a lifetime supply of ammo, last week. It came on Friday. I'm going to split it up so I don't lose it all in case of a fire or tornado.
I'm also going to be buying more food. That is probably something I should have bought before the ammo, but I'm male so I don't think that way.
I still need to befriend a farmer for long-term security. I guess, if things really go terribly bad I could haul my trailer to Western Iowa and live with relatives who are farmers.
 Thursday, the debt limit will be reached. We'll find out if the politicians are as evil as everybody knows that they are, by then. Even if they raise the debt limit that won't address the real problem which is over spending. We keep getting into wars which we can't afford and bailing out the rich when they take stupid risks. It will come to a screeching halt at some point. I just hope that I'll have my trailer and land before it happens.
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