Sunday, October 6, 2013

Thoughts on the Pending Currency Crisis

Well I'm done trying to get something for nothing on Ebay. Maybe I can find my gold by prospecting for it. It'll be a couple of years before I can give that a shot.
 To get back to title of this posting, I do think that the debt ceiling crisis will be a major event. I expect the currency to take a bad hit because of it. That means gold and silver should go up. Since the stock market will be collapsing, metals might go down a bit in the short term. If they do I'll take that as an opportunity to buy more.
 I bought a lifetime supply of ammo as well as an air rifle, so my prepping buying is pretty much over. I still need camping gear, and of course you can't have too much silver. But I feel that my buying for the collapse is over for now.
 Something I was thinking about today was to go on a primitive camping expedition. I could ask Jim if he would mind if I camped out on his land for a weekend. I could get a tent that attached to my van. I could test out my cooking and sleeping tools. I could also use his place to sight in my rifles and such. Maybe even shoot a rabbit and eat it. I would feel a lot more independent from "the matrix" if I can provide for myself.
 I got another pre-approved loan application for $6000. I think I'll wait for the currency collapse and invest that in silver. I'm tempted to contact and see if I can buy gold or silver on margin. It would be risky but the risk/reward ratio looks good to me. I could also buy gold through Etrade on margin. I hate seeing things happen and not be able to do anything about it.
 Of course, buying on margin is what got me into the hole that I find myself in. It's also why the world's economy took a hit in 2007. It might not be the thing to do.
This is a picture I got off of the internet a couple of years ago. I never get tired of it.
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