Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bitcoin and Litecoin success

So far I'm doing well with my Bitcoins and Litecoins. Apparently, I found a way to finance my prepping. I've been wondering how I would get ready for the financial collapse.
Now, it might be possible. I've got most of my money in Litecoins. That's a smaller competitor of Bitcoins. If you've never heard of them, they are digital currencies.
I got tired of watching gold and silver be manipulated by the large traders. It's so obvious but nothing is ever done about it. The dollar and the rest of the "fiat currencies" are about to collapse due to printing to much currency. The stock market is also rigged in the favor of the rich. Poor people just don't have the kind of information to make that at all fair. Bonds are too cheap (due to money printing). And real estate is in a bubble that's about to explode. So I scraped together a little money to invest in Bitcoins.
Now I'm spending my ,hoped, for money in my mind. If Litecoins and Bitcoins keep going up here is a list of things I'll be buying with that money:
  1. A small trailer, something I could tow with my van. 
  2. $100 face value of silver coins. 
  3. $1000 worth of storable food and water. 
  4. Pay off the credit cards and such. 
  5. Camping gear, including solar panels. 
  6. Land for a homestead. 
The trailer comes first because it will open up a lot of options. I'll be able to go anywhere with it and avoid civil strife and starvation. If I lose my job I'll be able to live in a trailer park near the Mississippi and fish for food. That would also be near my church (in Onalaska, WI.). If I wanted to I could hitch it up and go to Texas for a job.
I'm tempted to get a lot more silver to use as a down payment to Jim for his land. I know that he doesn't recognize the need for precious metals like I do but maybe he would take it anyway.
I could use the trailer to store food and water while I work at the Peace Center. It's a job, after all,  and there is no good reason to quit it yet.
It will be great to be debt-free, but I have other needs that take priority. When the currency collapses I might be able to pay off my debts with precious metals. We'll see when the time comes. Otherwise, I'll just pay that off when I get my major needs taken care of.
On a different topic, I was watching the station "RT" today. They had videos of rioting in the streets in Europe. I feel that our time is coming.
The only reason that we haven't curtailed government spending like the Europeans have is that we are printing money like crazy.
We're due for either a hyper-inflation or a depression. I Iean towards the hyper-inflation.
Maybe I can pay my debt with inflated currency or precious metals. Paying my debts are low on my list of priorties. All of my friends think I should pay my debts first, but I think they are just brainwashed by the bankers and "Mainstream Media". I'll get ready for the financial collapse first and then pay my bills.
Well, thanks for reading. I'm surprised by how many readers I'm getting. I'm sorry that I didn't have many posts this week. I'm afraid that I'm obsessing on Bitcoins.
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