Friday, November 15, 2013

Bought my First Bitcoin

Well, I bought my first bitcoin today. It was quite the hassle. I messed up copying my bank account number and routing number the first time I tried to buy one. By the time I got that straightened out the price had doubled.
I bought one anyway. I just feel that I can't trust the currency, any more. I now have gold, silver, and a bitcoin.
I would like to sell my etchtings for bitcoins. I'll try to sell them again after Winter. I make a quite a bit of money, shoveling snow. I don't really need the money until Spring. I'm also hoping that the market will be better for art if the economy picks up. At least we shouldn't have the threat of a government shutdown hanging over us.
I'm wondering if I'm going overboard with the prepping stuff. I was watching a guy who calls himself the "Sensible Prepper" on YouTube, yesterday. He was saying that you should have bunches of magazines for your guns. Magazines, of course, are what hold your ammunition in rifles and hand guns. He had more invested in magazines than I have totally.
I think we live in different worlds. I just don't have the money to do all the things that these people want me to do. I would have to triple my income to come anywhere near the level of investment that those people do. It's obvious that I won't be anywhere near as prepared for the financial collapse as others are.
I wonder about the whole thing. Some of the people I watch on YouTube seem to be afraid of their shadows. Some are concerned about the radiation from the power plant meltdown in Japan. Others talk about the Earth magnetic poles shifting. With some, it's Sunspots.
I don't see how you can be prepared for everything. With me, I'm concerned about the pending financial collapse. I don't see any way around it. That's why I keep buying alternatives to the dollar. Maybe bitcoins or metals will retain their value. At least, that's my hope.
I'll have a slow day at work today so I might continue this posting a little later.

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