Monday, November 4, 2013

G4T's Vlog

Another Vlogger that I go to a lot is G4t or G4Title. George has a wife named Perla and several daughters. He's been unemployed for 5 years and living in Southern California. He tends to be rather negative about the way society is collapsing in the Southwest. He interviews homeless people, films drug-addled people, and in general he's been documenting the decline of California.
Recently, he got a job in Texas. His vlogs have gotten a lot more cheerful. He's been showing us Texas. He did a video of a Barbecue place. He showed us oil fields and the trailers of oil field workers. He drove through towns where the average house cost $85,000. Today, his new boss (Paul) was showing him a place that will be developed for prepper homesteaders.
It's like watching a new George. He's remarkably upbeat, for him.
There are two things that this has brought to to my attention. The first is how much better it might be to move to Texas. There are jobs there. The taxes are low. There are places to homestead. Land prices are low.
The second is how we are influenced by the people around us. George is now hanging out with someone who doesn't fixate on the negative things around him. Rather, he keeps busy creating a better reality, like Glendon Cameron (who I've mentioned on previous blogs).
I hope he can get Perla and the kids to come out with him. It's kind of like watching a soap opera. I find myself getting interested in other people's lives.
Another vlog I watch a lot is Network126. It's done by a young man named Brian. He lives in Southern California, and he has been working as a day laborer. I hope that he'll be able to move out of his parent's kitchen and get his own RV. He hopes to be able to document living in an RV, and traveling.
Brian doesn't post as often as George does but I look forward to both of their Vlogs.
On a different topic, I went to Rochester, yesterday. I looked over Costco, I shopped at Harbour Freight, and hung out at Barnes & Noble.
I was a bit disappointed with Costco. That's a discount supermarket. Their prices weren't that much lower than Wal-Mart, and there is an annual membership fee. I didn't think it was worth it to me.
Harbour Freight ( a discount tool store) was a bit better. At least I could buy things without having to pay for a membership. It was rather small but they had a lot of merchandise.
Barnes & Noble wasn't a disappointment. I bought a book on identifying edible, wild food in North America. I drank a lot of coffee and surfed the web whilst there.
Well, it's almost closing time at Culvers (a burger place that I go to for free ice cream and to surf the web.

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