Saturday, November 2, 2013

Glendon's Vlog

If I have any repeat readers, you may remember me mentioning Glendon Cameron before. He has a video blog (called vlogs) on YouTube. Last night I watched one of his vlogs about the pending collapse and the way he views it.
He has a different view about things. He believes that people make their own economy. He feels that since he is an entrepreneur, that he will rise above whatever the economy does. In fact, he pointed out that the Kennedys made most of their money in a depression. What is bad for most people may end up being great for someone who takes advantage of the situation. He feels that a person's attitude and the willingness to work and take chances is more important than what the economy is doing.
One of the things he pointed out was that his drill instructor in the Army stayed incredibly calm in the midst of chaos. Glendon asked his drill instructor about that, later. It was put down to experience. That is one of the things that experienced people have going for them. They will maintain their calm while others are falling apart.
I think I will do well during the collapse but I will feel better if I have all of the tools to get by without the advantages of civilization.
I'll be going to Rochester, MN tomorrow to pick up some more food and stuff at Costco and Harbour Freight. I need a heater that will run on propane to heat my apartment in case of an ice storm taking down the electricity. Also a financial collapse might do the same. I also need some books on harvesting wild plants during a financial collapse. I'll be spending most of the afternoon at Barnes and Noble in Rochester. I'll also look at trailers.
Maybe I'm spending too much money and time trying to get ready for the collapse. I read something on the Internet, the other day, someone said that the last thing anyone would need in a financial collapse was small pieces of shiny metals like gold and silver. He might be right and I have spent more than $2000 buying gold and silver. I keep buying it on EBay long after I feel that I already have enough. Today I'm bidding on a coin that I intend to give to my sister.
It's the Chinese year of the horse. Some South Pacific nations are making silver coins commemorating this. They have images of horses on them. I found one that seems to be going cheap. My sister has 6 Arabian horses and she's a fanatic about horses. So I'll give her the coin for Christmas if I get it.
Back to prepping, I saw some interesting mining claims on EBay, today. I find myself more interested in the lode claims. I think there is more likely to be larger quantities of gold on a claim that has a lode or hard rock mine on it. The placer mines probably wouldn't be worth my time and effort. Placer means gold that is found on the surface or in streams. Lode mines actually go underground and extracts gold from veins beneath the ground.
I got a letter from the Veterans Administration, today. It looks like I'll owe them some money from 2011. I sold my house and I had some money at that time, so apparently I wasn't eligible for VA benefits. I'll have to make a payment plan with them. I'm concerned but I think it will work out. At least I didn't have any big expenses with them at that time.

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