Saturday, November 16, 2013

Still don't know if I got a bitcoin.

I still don't know if I've gotten a bitcoin or not. I had an email saying that Coinbase wasn't able to verify my bank account. They had the numbers I gave them originally. They were wrong. I checked my old checks against the new ones and there has been a major change. I originally gave them the numbers off of my old checks.
When I went to the bank and asked about my routing code they gave me the right one. I re-entered  that and bought a coin.
This weekend the bank's website is down for maintenance. I'll get back to them Monday.
I hope the transaction goes through. Every day that passes and I don't have the bitcoin is another day that it goes up in price.
I don't know but it might be that bitcoins are a true indication of the value of the currency. Everything else is so manipulated that they aren't giving us a true idea of what is going on.
Actually, I hope that bitcoins go down so I could buy some more. I feel that way about gold and silver as well.
On a different topic, I found a website that sells surplus, government property.
I found a trailer that will be auctioned off, next week. It's been stripped out down to the carpet.
I would have to find and install everything, like a kitchen and bathroom. Everything was taken out. I have the feeling that drug runners were using it and they removed the furniture to get a bigger load in it. Maybe the DEA agents ripped everything out.
Maybe it will go cheap. The auction starts at $25. I might go up to $100.
It's in a town, not far from here. I still don't have a hitch on my van so if I get it I'll have to have that installed. Without the furniture it might be light enough for my van. Maybe I could get someone else to tow it. At least it's not too far away (only about 100 miles).
I was watching something on YouTube that made me rethink the idea of getting my own land. The commentator said that real estate is in a bubble again and that a person would be foolish to tie up his money in land when it might be better to be more mobile. I have to agree. Getting a trailer makes sense because it opens up options, whereas land ties you down to a location. I went through that about ten years ago, when I couldn't leave Decorah for a better job because my house (such as it was) was here. If I were to start a homestead it might make more sense to rent the land. I don't think I want to get tied down, anywhere, right now.
I'll have to email them with questions about how long I would have to pick it up and licensing to drive it home. I would probably have to have an electric brake controller installed in my van, as well. That's next week's project.
Well, it's almost time for me to go have coffee with Nick at the Co-op. I'll have to ask him if he can bring in a hitch for my van. He was going to do that a month ago. That's just the way that Nick is. When he says he'll do something you have to add at least 6 months to it's completion date. It looks like something might come together faster than I felt it would. Oh well.

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