Sunday, November 10, 2013

Too late to buy Bitcoin?

A couple of weeks ago I was telling people to buy bitcoins. Now I may be too late to buy, even one, myself. They went from $205 to close to $400 each. I'm trying to come up with the money but I'm stymied. I was hoping to sell some gold to buy a bitcoin with but Gary (my best bet for a sale) declined me. Now I'll try to sell some gold to my sister, Faye. I don't think she'll buy. If I sell on EBay it will take too long and the price will move out of my range.
In my opinion, there are two reasons that Bitcoins are moving so much. First, is that the Chinese people (who don't trust their currency) are buying. The second reason is that Brazil's currency is collapsing. People all over the world are buying them and I'm finding myself priced out of the market. Maybe I can transfer money from my Discover account to my bank. That would solve the problem.
On a different topic, I priced trailers at a trailer sales place in Cresco, Iowa yesterday. I wound up talking with the general manager since the sales people weren't there yesterday.
I got information about how sales of small trailers work in Northeast Iowa. Apparently, there is a big demand for trailers of the size that I want. A lot of people have small vans that can only tow a small trailer. Therefore they don't stay on the lot for long.
He also said that there is a seasonal component to trailer sales. People bring in their small trailers in the Spring to trade for a larger, new trailer.
I left him my phone number and name so he can call me if he gets a used trailer to sell.
On an even different topic, I bought another junk drawer on EBay yesterday. I was the only bidder. It was a bunch of foreign coins, mostly Canadian, a baseball card, a couple of South Korean paper currencies, two pair of cuff links, and some stamps.
I bought it for the foreign currency. I hope that Canada's money doesn't collapse when the American dollar collapses. At least I'll have some diversity.
Silver and gold are still selling at a heck of a premium on EBay. I think that shows the real weakness of the dollar. I checked Kitco (an online site for buying and selling gold and silver, as well as showing prices and a discussion site for precious metals) and their prices were lower than EBay's. I'll have to start buying there. I'm tired of watching auctions and paying too much.

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