Saturday, December 14, 2013

Coins going sideways and I'm out

I got out of Bitcoins andLlitecoins this morning. I had a buy order for some Litecoins but I even canceled that.
I'm thinking that the cryptocurrencies will go down on the weekend. They usually do. This week they didn't even come back from last weekend. They've been rather dissolute. Litecoins are bouncing between $29 and $31.Bitcoins are moving more but they tend to come back to where they were. I'm just going to stay out until after the weekend crash. Then I'll buy Litecoins.
I've got to hit the books this weekend. I've got a big Spanish test next Monday. It's the final and I need to do well to bring my grade up. I was thinking about going to Guttenburg to look at trailers but I think I'll put that off. Guttenburg, IA is near Prairie Du Cien, WS. When I go to Guttenburg I'll swing past the Cabela's at Prairie.
Well, it's Saturday morning at Java John's. I'm shoveling snow, occasionally, and drinking coffee. I'm still out of crypto currencies and into fiat (which means the paper currency that the government palms off on us).
I'm waiting for the regularly scheduled weekend crash in crypto currencies. I think I might get back to bitcoin since it seems to be moving the most. It's going down the hardest so it might go back up more as well.
Tuesday, I'm getting a hitch put on my van. I need that to tow a small trailer that I want to buy. Having a trailer would open up a lot of options for me:

  1. I could buy my own land and live on it.
  2. I could travel anywhere in the country and have a place to live.
  3. I could store water, food and ammo more easily.
  4. I could go to my sister, Faye's place in California and have a place to live.
Well I think I'll go back to shoveling snow.
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