Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Coins are Down

My investments in the various digital currencies are all down about 10% today. Everything moved up so strongly last week that this might be expected.
I'm going to move some more money from the bank to invest in Bitcoins tomorrow if it keeps going down. The trouble with that is that it will take 3 days to move money from the bank account. Everything will be different by then. That always happened with trading on E-Trade. Maybe I could use a credit card. We'll see.
I'm tempted to go to Rochester and shop at Barnes & Noble. They sent me 3 coupons that I would have to use by today. I wanted to go Friday but my car broke. I got it fixed yesterday. Nothing is stopping me, today. I think I'll go right away. I'll continue this posting from there.
Well, my car didn't make it to Rochester. There was a loud whining sound (I think it's the serpentine belt) but it could be something worse. I turned back and I'm now having lunch at Culvers.
The prices of digital currency kept going down. I see it as a buying opportunity. I just don't have a way of moving money fast enough to take advantage of it. That's one of the advantages of digital currency. You can move it much faster than the banks can. Instead of 3 days it usually takes me 30 minutes. But to get dollars to the Bitcoin account takes 3 days.
So much for my fantasies of buying a trailer and more silver. I have to face reality and be grateful for the snow next week so I can make money shoveling it. In a year or two I might be able to get out of debt. For now I'm just stuck in poverty and a low paying job.
I was watching G4Title on YouTube, today. He talked about how people get caught up in the negativity surrounding the Prepper movement (especially concerning the financial collapse). His point was to not get caught up in the negative thought that naturally surrounds this stuff.
I think he's right but I feel that I'm being caught between a rock and a hard place. I know that the financial collapse is coming but I don't have the money to take steps to prepare for it.
Digital currencies were giving me some hope but that might be a delusion. I'll know in the next month or so. I'll either be quite well off for me or down about $1000. I know that I'll be pouring more money in if they go down because I see this as an opportunity. Well, at least I have a job and snow shoveling to bring in more income. Later
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