Sunday, December 29, 2013

Trading PPC

Well I'm back to trading crypto-currencies. This time I decided on something called PPC. It stands for Peer to Peer coin.
I got out of Lite coin because I felt that it would move more as a percentage than the the Lite Coin. I was probably wrong. It bounces around a lot but I feel that the Lite Coin would have been better.
This morning I was watching the currencies and there was a big move up. That was after the bad news from India. I felt that it demonstrated the strength in these coins. So I jumped into Lite Coin. I noticed that PPC moved more on a percentage basis so I got into it instead. PPC has been a disappointment.
I'm going to leave it overnight and I hope it goes up in my sleep.
On a different topic, a guy told me that he knew where I could buy an old van that would be able to tow a trailer for $800. I think I'll put it off until the currency collapses. I might be able to get a trailer and a different van at low prices then. I've just got to be patient. If I can make money on crypto-currencies I'll be able to buy something then.
Something that could help the process is to sell my etchings on this blog for Bit Coins or Lite Coins. I think I'll show some of the etchings here.
These are just three of the etchings that I have by Malcolm Childers. I have around 10 or 12 different etchings. If you are interested in them you can leave a comment and we can arrange payment by bitcoin or litecoin. Malcolm has a website at I have most of his less expensive etchings.
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