Friday, January 24, 2014

Bitcoin Heading Down

Bitcoin went down last night. I was in fiat which means that I didn't own any cryptocurrency. If I had been trading at 1:00 AM I could have made about $20 to $30. But I have to sleep sometime. For the last month or two the coins have been heading down,
I bought gold and silver with my monthly investment money. Precious metals seem to be heading up. Gold went up by $25, yesterday. I think the bottom is in.
In fact, a couple of days ago I bought gold on EBay and the purchase vanished. My credit union account didn't show it and it vanished on EBay. It had me thinking that someone had run out of gold and somehow canceled the sale. Maybe that did happen but I can't prove it. It seems that if they had canceled the sale that would show up somewhere.
Oh well, The gold and silver purchases I made yesterday apparently went through.
I'm getting away from the prepper thinking. I swear that those people are afraid of their shadows. I can't afford all of this preparing anyway. I think I'll sell the Mosin. I doubt that I'll ever need a high power rifle anyhow. I'll keep the shotgun and .22 for hunting. I still have enough prepper in me to think it's a good idea to be able to hunt for food. There are some public hunting areas here.
I would like to have some cash on hand but I keep buying gold and silver instead of storing cash.
Talking about prepping, G4T on YouTube has changed his thinking lately. Yesterday he said that he was talking to physiologist. He's being diagnosed as bi-polar. I think he is and he hangs out with extremely negative people too much. That and the prepper community on Youtube could explain a lot of his troubles.
The guy who goes by the name "Modern Survivalist" on YouTube had a good vlog about this topic, yesterday. He compared his thinking to that of other "preppers". To me, he seems a lot more practical. He is from Argentina where they have been through several currency collapses. I think he has a better handle on what is likely to happen.
On a related topic, apparently we are running out of propane. At least the prices have doubled in the last month or two. In some states they are rationing supplies. To me, it looks like it is going somewhere that the price is higher than the U.S. Maybe it's going Europe or China. The prices there are 4 times what it goes for here. It probably has something to do with the economic collapse.
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