Thursday, January 9, 2014

Crypto-currencies are now boring

The crypto-currencies have been moving sideways, lately. That makes it hard to make any money on them. I've been in and out a dozen or more times in the last week and I have the same amount of money that I started with.
I'm tempted to quit. At least until the 31st of January. That is when the Chinese won't be able to get their crypto-currency transferred back and forth to their banks.
That should drive the market a lot. Maybe they are getting out, now, and that is holding the market down.
I've got a good notion to get my money out and pay on credit cards. I'm carrying too much debt.
I'm hoping to go prospecting for gold this Summer. I'll just throw a metal detector and tent into the van and go.
I think I'll go to Happy Camp, California and check out the "New Fourty-Niners",first. That is a club in northern California that has a lot of claims on the Klamath River. It would cost $1500 to $3000 to join but it might be worth it. If that doesn't work out I'll join the "Gold Prospector Association of America". They have permission to pan on dozens of claims across America. It only costs $70 for an annual membership.
I'll have to find a way to store all of my stuff. I have a bunch of etchings that I would like to sell but they're not moving. I have to lower the price and market them better. I would like to take Bitcoin as payment for them.
I'm too late to get into Spanish class, next Spring. Not only am I still waiting to see if I still have a job but the class was canceled because of too few students. Maybe I could go to Luther. I might still be able to get in there.
Today, I'm having a review to see if I'm still going to be on the Experience Works program. I have to get all spiffed up for that. I think I'll wear my nicest shirt, wrinkle free pants and a nice sweater. I bought some new tennis shoes, yesterday. I think I'll wear them.
Well, it's time to shower, shave and generally spiff up.
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