Friday, January 3, 2014

Got Butter Bot Working

I loaded a robot trading system to my Bit coin exchange account. It took a lot of doing but I think it will be worth it.
I was disappointed with how it worked at first. When it went through it's buy and sell cycle I ended up with less bitcoins each time. I changed some numbers and I hope that it works better, now.
I will probably lose my job at the Peace Center. I don't think I'm poor enough for the Experience Works program. I asked Julie (my boss) if the Peace Center could just hire me for 10 hrs. a week.
She said that she would take it up with her board of directors.
It looks like I won't be able to take Spanish the next semester. I'll miss that.
My prepping is taking a hit because of poverty. I can't get a trailer because I can't get a trailer hitch on my van. So I'm thinking of outfitting my van with a bed and shelves so I can live in it. Then I could go prospecting for gold. I could leave next Summer. There really isn't much keeping me here.
Once I get the bot to trade my Bitcoin account well, I won't even have to watch that.
I'll have to store my stuff and find a place for my precious metals. I also have to get rid of my etchings.
It's more likely that I'll leave the Summer after next Summer.
Well, I have to get organized and get rid of most of my belongings if I'm going to take off in my van. Also all this prepping bs will go by the wayside since I can't fit much food, guns and gold into the van. I could probably have a lot of gold but I don't think that's wise for traveling.
I hope to hear from Experience Works on whether I have a job or not. I really don't care much either way. I just want to know one way or the other so I can make plans.
I think I can find some part-time jobs here and get by just fine. I just need a little extra money to get out of here.
One of the reasons I want out is to find some land that I can have a homestead on. The land here costs around $10,000 an acre. I just can't afford it. Maybe I can find some cheap land in Colorado or Wyoming. I don't know where I'll end up but it will be an improvement.
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