Saturday, January 4, 2014

I Quit Watching Cramer

Yes it happened. I haven't watched Jim Cramer's show "Mad Money" for over a week, now.
The real reason is probably that my gambling itch is being satisfied by trading crypto-currencies. But I have some other reasons as well:

  1. Cramer says not to invest in the market if you have credit card debt. He points out that you will always be playing from a position of weakness.
  2. He also recommends having $10,000 to play with. That means money that you can afford to lose, so you can diversify.
  3. The market uses US dollars. I'm convinced that the dollar will collapse any day, now.
  4. There is massive market manipulation going on. I saw that when I was trading Fannie Mae. The price would move a day or two before the announcement of the news that moved it. I also saw the 9/11 terrorist attack be preceded by the market moves in airline options.
  5. Gold is even manipulated. It's obvious but nothing is ever done about it.
  6. I need my money to get ready for the financial collapse. I've only made money a few times with the market and it's just too important to use my money preparing for the collapse than to risk it again. Crypto-currencies are bad enough, but I have more faith in precious metals and crypto-currencies than the market.
  7. I need to protect myself from government seizures. They took people gold in the thirties and at Cyprus they took money out of bank accounts, recently.
My sister and other religious people tell me that God will take care of me. I feel that I have some responsiblily for my own well-being. Isn't there some sort of saying that God looks out for those who look out for themselves? I feel that people who put their trust in the dollar will regret it very soon.
That reminds me, I checked EBay for gold prices today. The spot price for gold is a little above $1200. But on EBay 1/10 ounce gold coins are going for around $200 instead of the $150 They were going for a few weeks ago. I think the people who buy on EBay have a better feel for the real prices of metals than the market manipulaters on Wall Street and London. In fact, at London what they do twice a day is to set the world price of gold. They call it the "Fix". What an appropriate word for what they do to gold they fix it twice a day.
Oh well, I'm just going to keep playing crypto-currencies with my bot and try to get ready for a world wide financial collapse.

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