Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snowy Day Trading Cryptocurrencies

It's snowing quite hard and I'm just hanging out at Java Johns; waiting for it to let up a bit and go shovel snow again.
I'm out of any currency right now. I'm in fiat or what you may be familiar with (American dollar). I'm waiting for the weekend crash which will be an opportunity to buy Lite coin. I lost about $10 yesterday trying to time my buys and sells. It's hard to make money when everything just goes down. I try to buy at a dip and sell at a move up. The problem is that it doesn't move down as much as I would like and when it's time to sell it moves so much that I get caught selling lower than I would like.
I meant to say something about this prepping craze. I clicked on a wrong place and now my e-mail is being inundated with all sorts of videos about making bug out bags, starting fires without matches and all sorts of predictions about apocalyptic scenarios.
I'm tired of the whole thing. It's just too expensive. They talk about making things in your garage or adding to your bug out location (which is something like 5 acres in the mountains). I don't have that sort of thing and I never will. The whole thing justs costs too much for me. I've got a lot of gold and silver and some food but I don't have the money or the room for anything else.
I am still thinking about getting an RV of some sort. Maybe I'll get a motorhome. I could live in it and travel around looking for gold and coins with my metal detector.
I've yet to find a good source of water if the city water gets cut off or contaminated like it did in West Virginia last week. I need to arrange for a place to store my food and water and stuff. I might have to rent a storage locker. I asked Gary if I could store stuff at his place. He said that I could but I haven't been able to get together with him to actually store things there. It might be better to just have my own place.
Well the snow is letting up, time to eat lunch and shovel some more.
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