Monday, January 13, 2014

There were 2 crashes in crypto this weekend.

And I was caught by both of them. I told you about the first one. Well, Sunday night was a repeat of Saturday night. I was in Litecoin while I slept and I woke up considerably poorer.
I kept thinking that the currencies are in a long-term bull market. I was wrong. The China banning of cryptocurrencies is having an effect on the markets.
I'm just going to stay out until after January. Then I might get back in. It's just too dicey to be in, now.
I was watching a video about gold prices, last night. I looks like the Western banks have run out of gold. It's all going to China and points, east. I think they are already out and they are faking it.
I guess I'll have to give up my delusions of getting wealthy. I was just hoping to get enough money for a trailer, anyway. Well, I'll have to give that up. I can just move into my van.
I have to get rid of most of my stuff. I would like to sell the etchings on the internet for Bitcoins or Litecoins. I need to find a site that would do that. Maybe Amazon. I tried Ebay but they wouldn't take Bitcoins. Craigslist might be an option. I'll have to research it. They sure aren't moving, now.
I might as well show some of them here.

I'll also link Malcolm site where a bunch of my etchings are also listed:
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