Saturday, January 25, 2014

Watching the "MainePrepper"

There is a vlog on YouTube that I subscribe to called "The MainePrepper". I recommend it to anyone, He's been talking about the coming currency collapse, lately.
I like what he says about Wall Street. He calls them crooks and manipulators. That has been my experience as well.
I think I've lost about 100% of everything I've invested there. I'm always trying to prove that I'm smarter than the average person and I just make a fool of myself by investing in risky things. Even bonds have proved to be risky for me.
Part of the problem is that some book or something on the Internet convinces me that we are facing economic collapse and I have to get on the rich side of the economic divide very soon or it will be too late.
A major part of my problem is the delusions of grandeur that I have concerning Hollywood starlets and me being a major player in world affairs. That is all part of my being schizophrenic. I don't have these episodes very often but they mess up my life like crazy.
I'm driven to make a lot of money because I want to prove myself worthy of the women that I believed I had sex with. At the same time I'm convinced that there is a limited amount of time to climb into the ruling class.
I've spun my wheels my whole life. Every time I try to make money I end up in deeper debt than I was before.
The survivalist movement is turning out to be similar to Wall Street for me. I don't feel that a poor person has any hope of actually preparing for the economic collapse. We just don't have the money for it. I've got some gold and silver but I don't have the room or money to store things like food and water and ammunition.
While I'm on that topic I would like to say that spending on guns and ammo is probably a waste of money for a prepper. I doubt that we'll get to a total breakdown of society any time soon. The money may be worthless but we'll probably have water and food and police and such for quite a while.
It looks like we're in for a gradual decline in our living conditions. This month the price and availability of propane has been impacted. Some states are rationing propane and the cost has doubled recently. The stock market went down and I'm expecting it to go down again. I had trouble buying gold, last week.
I'm thinking that instead of a sudden total collapse what we'll see is a gradual bit-by-bit collapse. It's kind of like putting a frog into a pot of water and gradually raising the temperature until he boils. If you put a frog into hot water he will jump out immediately; whereas if you raise the temperature gradually he will eventually cook.
On that note I'll sign off.
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