Friday, February 28, 2014

Watching the snow and Lite coin come down

I'm at the CO-OP where I shovel snow in the evenings and on weekends. I just shoveled the front and by the parking lot. I'll get at  it again in about an hour.
Crypto currencies have been going down all day. I've lost about 5 or 10 dollars. I'm thinking of staying out this weekend. It's still moving down because of the Mt. Gox scandal. It looks like they are going bankrupt. That will be a good thing because it will put it behind us. In a week or two I'll jump back in with both feet.
I'm still waiting to hear from the "New 49'ers". That's a gold mining club that I'm trying to get a membership for. They are in Northern California. I sent a thousand dollars worth of gold coins for a membership, last week. It hasn't gotten there yet. Maybe it will, tomorrow.
I just checked my e-mail and it showed the gold has arrived there. Now I have to pay a transfer fee and I'm in.
I hope to go there for the Summer season. Maybe I can find enough gold to make it really worth it. I'll have to live in a tent but I'm ready.
Of course, whenever I mention this to anyone around here they bad-mouth the idea. These people have no sense of adventure. You have to risk something in order to make money. What I'm risking is money, creature comforts, and a secure job. The rewards are great:
  1. I'll be getting gold which I feel is better than currency 
  1.  I'll have a chance to get a lot of gold
  2. I'll be far from cities which will be "hell on Earth" when the curriency collapses. 
  1. I'll learn to live in a tent and not feel that I need creature comforts

I don't know what happened to blogspot but it really messed up the list I just made.
Maybe it's the Nook. I really wish that I had bought a laptop instead.
I have to get back to shoveling.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It' 11 below and the ice is like a rock.

I've been scraping ice, lately, and I'm worn out and generally beat. I've gotten the ice beaten back to the point that I shouldn't have trouble with snow shoveling.
More snow is on the way for Friday and the weekend. I'll be ready for it.
I'm making a lot of money, shoveling snow; I wish I could say the same about Bitcoins. That is just losing money.
It just keeps going down on the news about Mt. Gox. I keep getting out and try to get a better price, later, but I can't time things perfectly. I've lost over $100 in the last week. The snow shoveling isn't keeping up with my losses with crypto currencies.
I bought a membership at the "New 49'ers". That's a gold mining club in California. They own about 40 claims on the Klamath River. I sent off 8 small gold coins to pay for a membership. It's still in the mail. I'm tracking it. It's in Waterloo, right now.
I would like to go out there this summer, but I don't think I'll get out there until next year.
I like the idea of finding gold and hoarding it. I have more faith in gold than I do in our currency. That is part of the reason I got into crypto currencies. I feel that the dollar will collapse and take the rest of the world down with it. Oh well. I'm trying to do all that I can to prepare for that eventuality, but it's hard when you are as poor as I am.
I find myself still buying "junk drawers" on EBay. After finding one with a gold chain that is worth $200 I'm tempted to repeat my triumph and find a silver coin going for a few dollars. I bought a couple of them, yesterday in the hopes that some of the coins in them were actually silver and worth something. We'll see, next week.
Well, that's all I have for now.

Monday, February 24, 2014

It's been a While

I haven't been keeping up my blog like I should. I've been busy with snow shoveling and trading crypto currencies. The snow shoveling has been profitable; I can't say the same about crypt currencies.
I'm in fiat right now. That means that I don't own any currency except the dollar. Bitcoins and Litecoins seem to be in a down trend, I think it's related to the troubles at Mt. Gox. That's a large Bitcoin exchange. People can't get their money out of it. It's driving the whole market down.
In other news, I might be buying a membership at the"New Forty-niners". It's a gold mining club. They have a lot of mining claims on the Klamath River in Northern California.
I can buy a membership for $1000. I offered to pay in gold since I didn't have that kind of money available, quickly. They said that they would take it.
I have to make a few phone calls and make it happen.
I'm meeting Loula in a few minutes. I'm at Java Johns, drinking coffee. What else would I be doing at a coffee shop?
I'm going to try to get Loula a job, mopping the floor, here. I do it, now and then. I would rather see Loula do it. I'm busy enough. It doesn't really fit in with my schedule.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bought Maxcoin

I moved some money into a different exchange and bought something called Maxcoins. They are a crypto currency promoted by Max Keiser. He has a show on RT which is  Russian news station, on the Internet.
So far, it's doing OK. I ended up paying for an upgraded account on the exchange. It was offering a small percentage of the fees incurred by all of the members. I felt it was worth a try. It only lasts for 14 days so I'll see by then if it's worth the $25 that I had to spend for it.
I started the day being down in the dumps. Before I got out of bed I was thinking about how poverty has defined me all of my life. Every time that I traded something on the various markets that I've traded, I've been trying to break out of poverty.
It's always a trap. The stock market, options market, commodity markets are just ways of transferring money from the poor to the rich. Nothing has worked; not even real estate.
I sometimes feel that we are slated to stay in the class that we are born into or move down.
This makes preparing for the financial collapse that much harder. In fact, I feel that it is a lost cause.
One of the things I was thinking about, this morning, that put me in a negative mood was that I'm too poor to meet a suitable woman.
Not only is poverty a major problem but being a survivalist narrows the field of potential matches considerably.
I found a matching service on the Internet named "SurvivalistSingles". At least I can find women with similar outlooks; and maybe they won't consider me to be a total nut job. Unfortunately, I haven't found any near me on that site.
I was just talking with a guy named Mike. I found out that he was a lawyer. He works as a barista at Java Johns. He told me that I have to fill out a claim form to get my money out of Delphi for the bonds that I bought years ago. I'll have to send a letter to Wilmington Trust and get the form. Maybe I can finally get my money from Delphi.
At least there is some hope and a direction to go in to get my money out. Maybe there is hope after all.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Well I'm out of the RV

My bid expired  on the RV in California. I don't think I'll make another offer as it's too hard to go get it. It's too far away.
It looked like a nice RV but I don't know what the engine is like or anything. I don't know how I would get it off of their lot in a timely fashion. I called Faye and she assured me that I couldn't count on her to help in any way, shape or form. I knew that I couldn't count on her for anything. She did help me financially a year or so ago, when I needed the engine replaced on my van.
The only way I can see that I'll get an RV is to wait for my brother to die. I'm in his will so maybe that is my only hope.
I guess I could load up the van and take off in it, next summer. I would have to live in a tent or hammock but I could travel around and metal detect on beaches and look for gold. If I lose my job, I think I'll do that.
Crypto curriencies are taking a dive, today. A company named Mnt Gox is having troubles getting people's money out of crypto currencies. That's causing the whole market to dive. It will take me about 3 days to get my money back to Bit coins but I'll do that next week as I see this as a buying opportunity.
It's snowing today but I haven't really shoveled much. I'm waiting for it to stop a bit. It's not obliging. I may have to just get up and get to shoveling. When I get my RV and go traveling I won't miss the frozen North. I think I'll go to Arizona and New Mexico. I've had my fill of snow.
It looks like I'll have to go out and shovel.

My RV is Up in the Air

I made an offer of $600 to a guy selling a motor home in California. He sent me a message saying that he would take it if I could get it moved within a week.
I don't have the money to buy it yet. Payday is Monday. Maybe my sister, Faye, will help out. She doesn't live far from there. Maybe I can get it towed to an RV repair place.
I need the RV for two main reasons:

  1. Bug out vehicle for economic collapse.
  2. To live in while I search for gold.
I feel reasonably certain about the economic collapse. It might not happen until 2016 but it will be the biggest collapse of history. I want to have food and stuff stored up for that eventuality. This will give me a lot of options.
I also want to go prospecting for gold. I could also metal detect on beaches, and metal detect old, abandoned towns.
Well, its snowing so I'll make some money, today. Later, I'll make some phone calls. I'll keep you posted on how it works out.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thinking of Leaving

I've been thinking about quiting my job and leaving ever since I've been sick. I just dont't really want to go back to work. I'm too conservative to really enjoy working at the Peace Center.
I want to get out on my own and live off-the-grid. I would like to try my hand at prospecting and metal detecting. I would rather have an RV but I guess I could live in my van.
I don't know what I'm waiting for. I could leave this March. I still have the chance to make more money, shoveling snow. It's too cold and snowy to pan for gold in the mountains and Northern California.
I would like to go to Happy Camp, CA and join the "New Forty-Niners". That's a club in Northern California that prospects for gold. Their membership fee is $3,000 so that might be out of my range.
I could also join the "God Prospectors Association of America". They have the right to pan for gold in hundreds of claims across America. They only charge $69 for an annual membership. I guess that is the way I would go, for now.
Well, I've got to go home and straighten out my resume. I've been putting it off for a week, now.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Still Taking Time off From Work

I called in to work today. Maybe I'm just lazy but I didn't feel like working. I would really like to say to heck with work but I need money to get my RV and move off the grid.
I started watching a video blog on YouTube named "The Do it Yourself World". It's by a guy who is actually doing what I want to do. He has a homestead that he has brought old RVs to, to use as shelters and sheds. Apparently he has had people donate RVs to him.
I don't know how he got the land. It's apparently in upstate New York.
Right now, he's in Australia. He's showing people, there, how to set up off-grid power and water systems. His church sent him there for free. I think they were concerned that he would freeze to death in the winter.
He gets a lot of items donated to him by his viewers. Things that he needs seem to arrive in a nick of time. Today I was watching a vlog when he got a log splitter just as he needed to split logs.
Maybe I should throw caution to the wind and take off in my van and find some cheap land and a cheap trailer. I need to research where there is cheap land. There's none around here. Farm land goes for over $10,000/acre. I've got to get away from here. I've had my fill of the winters here, anyway. Maybe I can find something in Arizona, or New Mexico.
I don't know if I have the energy to actually homestead my own place. It would be better if I had a young, energetic wife to help with things.
I tried homesteading by myself back in the 80's. I was always broke. When I did come into some money I used it to trade commodities. I thought I could multiply my money that way and do whatever I wanted. It was a delusion. I lost everything again. I always lose everything when I send my money to Wall Street. Even real estate has been bad for me. I never learn. I guess that is part of being crazy.
Well back to homesteading. It makes sense to me to be off the grid. I feel that the world's currencies will collapse, soon. If I have my own water, power, and food sources, I should be alright. I feel that I only have two or so years before it's too late.
I'm not making much progress in this regard. I have quite a bit of gold and silver, but that is about all the headway that I've made.
You can't eat gold or silver. I have to wonder how much actual utility they will be in a real "Shit Hits the Fan" situation.
Maybe I can trade some of the gold for an RV and land. Maybe I'll run an add in the local classifieds web page about that.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I've been sick

I came down with a virus last week. I went to the VA clinic last Thursday. It wasn't really too bad but I've been weak and feverish for a week or so.
Julie, my boss, thought that it might be heart trouble so I went to the clinic. It was just a virus.
I'm still losing with crypto currencies. I bought something called Peer-to-Peer coin because it was doing so well in comparison to the others. I'm down about $20. At least the crypto coins don't move so fast that you lose everything. In fact, they move so little that I don't know why I bother with them. The thing that always catches me when I trade is a strong down move. There are time that I wait during a down move to not sell just before an up move. But if it keeps moving down I sell because I don't want to be caught by a big down trend. Then of course, it moves up and I end up paying more to get back in. I think my real trouble is over-trading.
I've got a good notion to call in sick today because I might be contagious. I went to church yesterday and had a coughing fit during the first hymn. I walked out because I thought I would be coughing all through the service. That could happen at work today.
I think I'll call in sick and work on my resume. I need to get it done and Kelley Smuztler at NICC is helping me with it. I'll call her and get some help today with it.
Not much else is happening. I'm still too broke to make much headway in preparing for the financial collapse. I might buy a silver coin today. I like the Canadian Maple Leafs. Maybe the American Eagle as well. I'm concerned that they might take them away during a currency collapse. But what can you do?