Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bought Maxcoin

I moved some money into a different exchange and bought something called Maxcoins. They are a crypto currency promoted by Max Keiser. He has a show on RT which is  Russian news station, on the Internet.
So far, it's doing OK. I ended up paying for an upgraded account on the exchange. It was offering a small percentage of the fees incurred by all of the members. I felt it was worth a try. It only lasts for 14 days so I'll see by then if it's worth the $25 that I had to spend for it.
I started the day being down in the dumps. Before I got out of bed I was thinking about how poverty has defined me all of my life. Every time that I traded something on the various markets that I've traded, I've been trying to break out of poverty.
It's always a trap. The stock market, options market, commodity markets are just ways of transferring money from the poor to the rich. Nothing has worked; not even real estate.
I sometimes feel that we are slated to stay in the class that we are born into or move down.
This makes preparing for the financial collapse that much harder. In fact, I feel that it is a lost cause.
One of the things I was thinking about, this morning, that put me in a negative mood was that I'm too poor to meet a suitable woman.
Not only is poverty a major problem but being a survivalist narrows the field of potential matches considerably.
I found a matching service on the Internet named "SurvivalistSingles". At least I can find women with similar outlooks; and maybe they won't consider me to be a total nut job. Unfortunately, I haven't found any near me on that site.
I was just talking with a guy named Mike. I found out that he was a lawyer. He works as a barista at Java Johns. He told me that I have to fill out a claim form to get my money out of Delphi for the bonds that I bought years ago. I'll have to send a letter to Wilmington Trust and get the form. Maybe I can finally get my money from Delphi.
At least there is some hope and a direction to go in to get my money out. Maybe there is hope after all.
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