Monday, February 3, 2014

I've been sick

I came down with a virus last week. I went to the VA clinic last Thursday. It wasn't really too bad but I've been weak and feverish for a week or so.
Julie, my boss, thought that it might be heart trouble so I went to the clinic. It was just a virus.
I'm still losing with crypto currencies. I bought something called Peer-to-Peer coin because it was doing so well in comparison to the others. I'm down about $20. At least the crypto coins don't move so fast that you lose everything. In fact, they move so little that I don't know why I bother with them. The thing that always catches me when I trade is a strong down move. There are time that I wait during a down move to not sell just before an up move. But if it keeps moving down I sell because I don't want to be caught by a big down trend. Then of course, it moves up and I end up paying more to get back in. I think my real trouble is over-trading.
I've got a good notion to call in sick today because I might be contagious. I went to church yesterday and had a coughing fit during the first hymn. I walked out because I thought I would be coughing all through the service. That could happen at work today.
I think I'll call in sick and work on my resume. I need to get it done and Kelley Smuztler at NICC is helping me with it. I'll call her and get some help today with it.
Not much else is happening. I'm still too broke to make much headway in preparing for the financial collapse. I might buy a silver coin today. I like the Canadian Maple Leafs. Maybe the American Eagle as well. I'm concerned that they might take them away during a currency collapse. But what can you do?
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