Saturday, February 8, 2014

My RV is Up in the Air

I made an offer of $600 to a guy selling a motor home in California. He sent me a message saying that he would take it if I could get it moved within a week.
I don't have the money to buy it yet. Payday is Monday. Maybe my sister, Faye, will help out. She doesn't live far from there. Maybe I can get it towed to an RV repair place.
I need the RV for two main reasons:

  1. Bug out vehicle for economic collapse.
  2. To live in while I search for gold.
I feel reasonably certain about the economic collapse. It might not happen until 2016 but it will be the biggest collapse of history. I want to have food and stuff stored up for that eventuality. This will give me a lot of options.
I also want to go prospecting for gold. I could also metal detect on beaches, and metal detect old, abandoned towns.
Well, its snowing so I'll make some money, today. Later, I'll make some phone calls. I'll keep you posted on how it works out.
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