Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Still Taking Time off From Work

I called in to work today. Maybe I'm just lazy but I didn't feel like working. I would really like to say to heck with work but I need money to get my RV and move off the grid.
I started watching a video blog on YouTube named "The Do it Yourself World". It's by a guy who is actually doing what I want to do. He has a homestead that he has brought old RVs to, to use as shelters and sheds. Apparently he has had people donate RVs to him.
I don't know how he got the land. It's apparently in upstate New York.
Right now, he's in Australia. He's showing people, there, how to set up off-grid power and water systems. His church sent him there for free. I think they were concerned that he would freeze to death in the winter.
He gets a lot of items donated to him by his viewers. Things that he needs seem to arrive in a nick of time. Today I was watching a vlog when he got a log splitter just as he needed to split logs.
Maybe I should throw caution to the wind and take off in my van and find some cheap land and a cheap trailer. I need to research where there is cheap land. There's none around here. Farm land goes for over $10,000/acre. I've got to get away from here. I've had my fill of the winters here, anyway. Maybe I can find something in Arizona, or New Mexico.
I don't know if I have the energy to actually homestead my own place. It would be better if I had a young, energetic wife to help with things.
I tried homesteading by myself back in the 80's. I was always broke. When I did come into some money I used it to trade commodities. I thought I could multiply my money that way and do whatever I wanted. It was a delusion. I lost everything again. I always lose everything when I send my money to Wall Street. Even real estate has been bad for me. I never learn. I guess that is part of being crazy.
Well back to homesteading. It makes sense to me to be off the grid. I feel that the world's currencies will collapse, soon. If I have my own water, power, and food sources, I should be alright. I feel that I only have two or so years before it's too late.
I'm not making much progress in this regard. I have quite a bit of gold and silver, but that is about all the headway that I've made.
You can't eat gold or silver. I have to wonder how much actual utility they will be in a real "Shit Hits the Fan" situation.
Maybe I can trade some of the gold for an RV and land. Maybe I'll run an add in the local classifieds web page about that.
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