Friday, February 28, 2014

Watching the snow and Lite coin come down

I'm at the CO-OP where I shovel snow in the evenings and on weekends. I just shoveled the front and by the parking lot. I'll get at  it again in about an hour.
Crypto currencies have been going down all day. I've lost about 5 or 10 dollars. I'm thinking of staying out this weekend. It's still moving down because of the Mt. Gox scandal. It looks like they are going bankrupt. That will be a good thing because it will put it behind us. In a week or two I'll jump back in with both feet.
I'm still waiting to hear from the "New 49'ers". That's a gold mining club that I'm trying to get a membership for. They are in Northern California. I sent a thousand dollars worth of gold coins for a membership, last week. It hasn't gotten there yet. Maybe it will, tomorrow.
I just checked my e-mail and it showed the gold has arrived there. Now I have to pay a transfer fee and I'm in.
I hope to go there for the Summer season. Maybe I can find enough gold to make it really worth it. I'll have to live in a tent but I'm ready.
Of course, whenever I mention this to anyone around here they bad-mouth the idea. These people have no sense of adventure. You have to risk something in order to make money. What I'm risking is money, creature comforts, and a secure job. The rewards are great:
  1. I'll be getting gold which I feel is better than currency 
  1.  I'll have a chance to get a lot of gold
  2. I'll be far from cities which will be "hell on Earth" when the curriency collapses. 
  1. I'll learn to live in a tent and not feel that I need creature comforts

I don't know what happened to blogspot but it really messed up the list I just made.
Maybe it's the Nook. I really wish that I had bought a laptop instead.
I have to get back to shoveling.
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