Sunday, March 30, 2014

Borrowing for the Move

I'm hoping to borrow more money for the move to California, tomorrow. A company called "One Main Financial" keeps sending me something that says I am pre-approved for a loan for $6,000. I think I'll take them up on it. It would give me plenty of money to buy the motor home and fix it up. I should be out in California by this summer.
I'm waiting for my computers to be fixed. I sent two old Mac Book Pros to be fixed, I hope I get at least one of them working.
I need to sell the etchings but they aren't moving. I guess I'll just keep them. I would like to get bitcoins for them. I would use the bitcoins to buy silver. I have faith in silver; bitcoins, not so much.
The snow is melting but we are supposed to get more, this week,
The motor home is still stuck in a snow bank. I'll try to buy it, next week.
I need to sell the Mosin Nagant. It's a Russian rifle. I bought it when I was totally paranoid about the currency collapse.
I still think the currency will collapse but I doubt that society will go down with it. According to Hernando the (Modern Survivalist) on YouTube, a currency collapse will not bring down society. There may be a few riots but the cities won't burn and you won't have hordes descending on the countryside. That is just fear-mongering that a few people are profiting from.
Well, I'm trying to get one or more of my old Mac G4 laptops working. I'm trying to re solder the memory chips and restore them. So far, I've failed. I think I just have a bunch of useless parts to throw away.
I need to make more postings. I notice that my viewer numbers go up the more that I post. My excuse is that I've been relatively busy, this week. That still doesn't stop me from eating too many chips and dip. I always find time for that.
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