Saturday, March 22, 2014

Haven't Posted in a Week

I haven't posted anything in the last week so I guess it's time.
I'm still waiting for the snowbank that is enclosing the motor home that I want to buy to melt. I went to buy it last Thursday but nobody was at home. I'll run by there today as well. Everybody I've told about the motor home says that I should drive it before I buy it. I'm afraid that they will sell it to somebody else before it comes out of the snowbank. I'm going to offer them $800 and see if they will take it.
I've also been trying to find a gunsmith to work on my Mosin Nagant. It needs a muzzle brake installed and it needs to be sighted in. I've called a man named Fern of "Fern's Fire arms" three times. I always get an answering machine. Maybe I have to find a different gunsmith.
I bought 15 ounces of silver yesterday. Two five ounce coins were from China and I'm concerned about possible forgeries. That seems to be common in China. I'll weigh them and measure the diameter and height. I don't want to damage them in the process of determining their value.
I have to send a couple of my old MacIntosh laptops off for repair. I prefer laptops to Nooks anyway. It will cost a couple of hundred dollars but it will be worth it. I have to get one together enough to send it off.
I think I'll send off for a membership in the Gold Prospector's Association of America. It only costs $38 and will be good for a year. I can afford it; although I keep spending money on silver.
I'm taking Loula to church tomorrow. I think she is trying to get away from religion but she wants to go to get out of Decorah for a while. I would rather take an atheist to church than a "born again" Christian. At least I won't have to deal with their brainwashing.
Well, I think I'll run by the motor home and see if anyone is there.
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