Tuesday, March 4, 2014

LTC to da Moon

My cryto currency (Lite Coin) took off this morning. I bought in at 12.8 and it's now 18.5. At one time it was almost 22. I had the feeling that the Ukrainian crisis would drive it up. It was surprising how low the manipulators drove the price before it took off. I figure that I made $120 in about 4 hrs. Of course, it was in the middle of the night. I don't know how I'm ever going to get any sleep and trade crypto currencies.
On other news, I haven't heard about my gold coins getting to the "New 49ers" gold prospecting club. I'll have to call them today.
I'm thinking of only going out there for a couple of weeks, this summer. That way I won't have to quit my job. Next winter I might quit my job and make money, shoveling snow. I can make a lot more money at that then working at the Peace Center. I'm tired of being around all of those liberals anyway.
Gold prospecting on the Klamath River is a seasonal thing. It snows and freezes the river and ground around it. Apparently the snow gets deep as well. I'll figure on coming back here in the winter.
Maybe I'll join another gold prospecting club and go to Arizona in the winter. There is one called the "Gold Prospectors Association of America". They have the rights to hunt for gold on hundreds of claims across America. I could just go south in the winter.
I have to say that if I wanted to I could make a lot of money shoveling snow, right here. People with snow blades on their pickups are charging $35 for about 5 minutes of plowing. I could do the same job with a scoop shovel and charge $15. I could make over $100/day. I could go door to door most every day and pick up a ton of money. I used to do that when I was a teenager. Nothing changes. Well, I've got to take a shower and go to a thing at the VA clinic for weight loss. I think the snow shoveling does me more good than they do.
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