Saturday, March 15, 2014

The motor home is still in a snowbank.

The motor home that I'm hoping to buy for my trip to California is still stuck in a snowbank. I'll go back next week and see if I can drive it. I would like to drive it before I pay for it. I want to make sure that it works.
Everything else is falling into place. I borrowed $2500 from the bank for the motor home. I'm sending $1700 to a metal sales place in Colorado for silver coins. I'll spend $800 for the motor home and some for solar panels. I'll have to fix it up some as well. I should be ready to go in a couple of months.
I'm trying to get my Mosin Nagant ready as well. I'm trying to get it to a gunsmith to put on the muzzle brake. I would also like to get it sighted in. I don't want to spend much on that old POS but if I encounter a bear in California it would be good to have a high powered rifle. A Mosin will take down any animal that you are likely to encounter in North America.
The next thing I need to take care of is to send my MacBook laptops off to be repaired. They have monitor problems as well as USB port problems. There are some places that will repair them. It will cost some money but I would like to have 1 or 2 working. I don't really like the Nook.
Monday I'm taking a hard drive to work to see if I can get the Bitcoins that might be on it, off. I remember doing something involving Bitcoins back in 2010. I hope that I stored some Bitcoins on that drive. If I did I might be rich and not even know it. I remember doing something that the Internet told me about. I don't know if I went thru the whole procedure. I can't remember if I transferred money from my bank account. All I can do is to search the hard drive. I'm not really very hopeful but it's worth my time to try to find Bitcoins.
I need to sell some of my etchings. Someone is trying to sell an obvious forgery on EBay. The numbers on the signed, numbered etching is wrong. I told EBay but they ignored me.
I started watching something on YouTube called the Do it Yourself homestead project. It's about a guy in upper New York homesteading in the mountains. He has an old motor home and a few trailers. He's going thru all sorts of difficulties. I really relate to him. He's an ordinary man who is making homesteading work. I feel that I'll be doing a similar thing with living in a motor home and prospecting. I'm just grateful that I have Social Security that makes it possible.
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