Saturday, April 26, 2014

I'm Disappointed with Bitcoins

Bitcoins just seem to keep going down. I lost about $50 to $100 the last time I bought them. There just doesn't seem to be a bottom.
I guess the only reason I buy them is that I don't want to encourage the politicians and bankers by holding fiat currency. I also feel that the dollar could devalue like crazy at any time. I don't want to end up with my money in a bank and not be able to get to it.
Next week I'm going to pay off the motor home and start loading my stuff in it. There is no use in hauling my stuff to the new apartment and then moving it to the motor home later. I'll just fill up the motor home now.
I looked at the new apartment and I didn't feel that it was too dirty. I might paint the walls but other than that it looked pretty good. I just have to get moved in. And if I put most of the gear into the motor home I won't have to carry much up the stairs. At least I don't have shingles during this move. That made the last move miserable.
I'm shipping a couple of computers to Las Vegas for repair today. I spent so much on parts last week that I'm down to using the last of my Discover card to pay for the shipping. At least I'll have good computers for living in the motor home.
I tried to find a way to take a bus from Happy Camp, Ca to Decorah, IA this morning. It just doesn't seem possible. I can get a bus to a couple of cities that are about 70 miles from Decorah, but I couldn't find anything near Happy Camp. That means that I'll have to find someone who'll help me drive both my van and my motor home to California.
I want to keep both the van and the motor home since the motor home doesn't get good gas mileage and it's a nuisance to set up anyway. It would be better to just park the motor home where I'll be living and leave it there.
Well, I better get busy finding a box for the computers and seeing if the Post Office will take a Discover card.
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