Saturday, April 19, 2014

Loula Stood Me Up

I got to Java Johns a little before 7:30 this morning to buy Loula breakfast. She never showed up.
I was going to have her watch a vlog by Glendon Cammeron. He has a very inspirational YouTube channel. It is geared towards entrepreneurs.
She is talking about starting her own business as a personal trainer. She could get a lot from Glendon. Oh Well.
Bitcoins are going up but I still don't see any in my account. I'm still waiting to hear from Joseph at Arora Commodities. He made the commitment to buy my gold at last weeks prices. Unfortunately gold and Bitcoins have been going down. I may not be out much because they are both going down but Bitcoins are going down faster than gold. I can't seem to win.
I didn't get much done today. I was going to donate some books to the Laura Ingalls museum.When I started sorting through them I discovered that during the last move I had gotten rid of everything I could stand to get rid of.
I might have my surplus ammo sold. Claire said that she knew a couple of guys who have Mosins who might buy my ammo. It was just too big and heavy to be packing around. I don't think I'll need a lifetime supply of ammo anyway. Hernando on the the "Modern Survivalist" says that a financial collapse won't cause many riots and bloodshed anyway. I believe him; he's lived through it a time or two. He knows what he's talking about; whereas the people who write the books and make movies about the Apocalypse are just making things up.
I'm staying with my motor home and running off to California plan. I think that will cover most of the contingencies that a financial collapse will bring. No matter what, I should be able to live cheaply in a motor home.
I experimented with buying a salad at the co-op, today. They weigh the food that you buy on the buffet line. It only came to $2.34. I can afford it. It will be a healthy change to my diet.
Now I need more exercise. I should go for walks or ride my bicycle.
I'm still debating going to church tomorrow. I probably won't. After all, I do the lesson every day and that is the sermon. I asked everyone I could think of if they wanted to go to LaCrosse with me and nobody replied in the affirmative. Java Johns will be closed so there won't be much to do here, tomorrow. I'm still waivering.
I was just now talking with Jane about going to church, tomorrow and she thinks I should go. Maybe I will; there won't be much to do here, anyway. Maybe I'll ask Mike if he wants to go.
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